Peas and mint velouté with lobster and shrimps

Appetizer delicious and very good in warm seasons, this recipe comes from my sister (also very good cook). Marie-Claire serves the soup with crab. I made a variation with lobster and shrimps.

Ingredients for 6 persons :

32oz frozen peas
1 bunch of Fresh Mint
Mint extract
1 lobster
3-4 shrimps per person
½ Pint liquid heavy cream
Salt pepper

Directions :

The night before, marinate the cream with two sprigs of mint.
Cook the peas with 4 sprigs of mint and 5 drops of peppermint extract (if mint is very fragrant, extract is not necessary) in a pan of boiling water. Drain the cooked peas keeping 1 cup of liquid. Run them under cold water to keep the green color. Remove the mint leaves. Mix with 1 cup of cooking liquid in blender. Add salt and pepper
Shell lobster and shrimps
Drain the cream. Put into siphon. (one or two gas cartridges). Without siphon, cream goes very well with whisk (only heavy cream).
Share the velouté, cut lobster and shrimps in 6 cups or soup bowl or salad dish. Chill.
Just before serving add mint whipped cream and cut radishes.
Finish with a mint leaf for decoration.
Serve with warm bread (see post on baguette)

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