Puff pastry Sun for cocktails, appetizers, Birthday Party

Puff pastry sun is really easy to make and so funny to serve for your cocktails, Birthday Party, cool dinner... Each time I serve it, my success is guaranteed and it is so so good. To realize the sun make it simple buying puff pastry at you favorite store or online. Pepperidge Farm sells two frozen sheets in a box and this is what we need.

Ingredients (only 2!!!)

2 frozen puff pastry sheets
1 black olive spread jar (7oz) or 1 pesto jar (7oz)

Directions :

Unfreeze the two rectangle sheets of puff pastry
Preheat the oven 400°F
Put one of the sheet on parchment paper on your counter
Cut the 4 corners of the sheet
Make the sheet round shape with a rolling pan
Put the round sheet into the fridge and repeat exactly the same actions with the second sheet
When the second sheet is round open the jar and layout black olive spread or pesto (your choice), cover all the puff pastry sheet stopping half inch from the edge
Remove the second round sheet puff pastry from the fridge and put it on the one with the black olive spread or pesto
Remove the parchment paper
Now you get 3 layers: round sheet - black olive spread or pesto - round sheet
Return an empty 2 inches glass in the middle of the puff pastry
With a sharped knife cut the puff pastry sheets drawing sun rays
Screw each ray twice
Remove the glass
Put the sun into the oven for 30 minutes
Check it
Leave it few minutes more if it is necessary
Serve it warm immediately or put it on a grid to evacuate the humidity below it and serve cool in a nice and big round plate
Now enjoy!

Suggestions, ideas...

Tip 1: you can make the sun sweet using Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam, Nutella...

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