Easy Sweetened Pop Cakes

If you like small funny desserts try the recipe.

Ingredients and kitchen tools for 18 Pop cakes :

3 cups Leftovers cake
1 cup soft Butter
1 small glass of Milk
Colored Sugar
Powdered Sugar
2 Tbs White chocolate (to maintain stick into Pop cake)
1 bowl for the preparation
Small ice-cream scoop
1 small bowl for the white chocolate
Lollipop sticks
1 glass for the milk
3 cups
5 small glasses

Directions :

Put leftovers cake into a bowl and crumble it
Mix melted butter and crumbled leftovers cake
Make small balls with your hands or with a small ice-cream scoop
Put 2 Tbs white chocolate into a small bowl and microwave it 1 mn
Dip the sticks into melted white chocolate and insert into Pop cakes
Put Pop cakes on sticks into small glasses and put them 1 hour into fridge
Meanwhile prepare the glass of milk and put the colored sugar, sprinkles and powered sugar each other in one cup
Remove Pop cakes from fridge
Dip Pop cake one by one first into milk and then into one decorating supply
Replace into small glasses
And... It is ready!!!!

Tips, Comment, Ideas...

Tip 1: You can melt more chocolate and use it to cover pop cakes. In that case you don't need milk.
Tip 2: You can do it with dark chocolate
Comment 1: Caramel is a good idea but not easy to make!

Any suggestion? you can write it down and comment below.

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